Q: Can You Shrink Your Pores?…

Can You Shrink Your Pores?…


The short answer is no.


Pore size is largely determined by genetics. Just like some people have brown hair, and others have black hair.


Pores actually play an important role in skin health! They allow sebum to travel to the surface of your skin, keeping it well moisturized; without them, your skin would completely dry out.


While it’s impossible to shrink your pore size, it is possible to make them appear smaller. How?…


1. By double cleansing your skin every night.


Try a cleansing oil as your first cleansing step. When you massage oil into your skin, it will dissolve the oil that has already hardened and found itself stuck inside your pores. When removing the oil, the steam from a warm washcloth will open your pores, allowing the oil, make-up, pollution, dirt & bacteria to be easily removed. You can read more about oil cleansing here!


2. By exfoliating your skin.


This helps to clean out dead skin cells and oil old from inside the pore, leaving the surface of the skin looking brighter, smoother, and more even. Chemical exfoliants such as BHA’s are best for this.


3. By using products that contain astringent ingredients daily.


Astringent ingredients have powerful disinfectant and skin cleansing properties. They further help to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin, helping pores appear smaller and skin appear smoother. Some of our favourite gentle astringents used in our facial tonics include witch hazel, rose hydrosol, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil & geranium essential oil.


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