EVRĒDĀ (pronounced "everyday") is a collection of minimalist skincare products designed to simplify your skincare routine while delivering the essential hydration and moisture your skin needs to keep it healthy and thriving.

Our effective, plant-powered formulas target common skin concerns and focus on skin health over skin perfection - encouraging you to use less to achieve your best skin.


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Meet Kavisha - Our Founder, Aromatherapist & Skincare Formulator.


Our founder Kavisha used her own minimalist skincare routine as inspiration for EVRĒDĀ. I wanted to create products that had a high concentration of skin beneficial ingredients yet were gentle enough to use every day and improve skin health.” Kavisha formulated a simple yet effective skincare line to “hydrate, moisturize and protect the skin, keeping the skin healthy while using minimal steps.” Our products use high-quality, botanical ingredients and are composed of eight ingredients or less to positively impact the skin while promoting mindful consumption.



What Makes Us Different... 

Minimalist Skincare: when it comes to skincare our philosophy is that less is more, and all of our products are formulated with 8 ingredients or less. Simplicity allows us to create products with a high concentration of botanical ingredients. These powerful, effective formulas perform much better for the skin - visibly improving the skin’s health and appearance.
Targeted Skincare Solutions: we don’t have generic products for “all skin types”. We understand that skin is unique and ever-changing. Each of our products is highly targeted towards common skin concerns, making it easier for you to choose the right product(s) for your skin.
Aromatherapy Benefits: our products are formulated to include a synergistic blend of essential oils which provide therapeutic benefits for the skin and the mind. We formulate with a low essential oil concentration, ensuring our products are safe and gentle on the skin.