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 Looking for skincare that's the perfect match for your skin?


At EVRĒDĀ (pronounced ev-ree-day) we create custom skincare, personalized for your skin type, concerns, and goals. 


EVRĒDĀ's mission is to give you the confidence to feel comfortable in your own skin, every day.


Your skin is unique, and your skincare should be too.



EVRĒDĀ’s ethos is rooted in simplicity & education, promising to…

1 // Make effective skincare products using clean ingredients, while embracing the concepts of simplicity and functionality. 

2 // Provide custom skincare products to suit each customer’s skin type, skin concerns, and skin goals.

3 // Teach good skincare practices, and methods for achieving healthy skin from the inside and out.



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Meet Kavisha - Our Founder, Aromatherapist & Skincare Formulator...

EVRĒDĀ Skincare was born out of a desire for clean, effective and affordable skincare that would be the perfect match for my unique skin. The indie beauty market was exploding with a plethora of new skincare products - the options were endless, and I was confused. All too often I would pick up a product and read the label for 'all skin types', but I thought to myself, would these products really help with my unique skin type & combination of skin concerns? I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars and use a bunch of different products, only to have them not work. I wanted to keep my routine simple, I wanted to use as few products as possible, and I wanted them to work perfectly for my skin.



I hold a strong belief that less is more when it comes to skincare. I thought about the face oil I had been DIY-ing for the past 2 years - a simple blend of organic Argan oil & Frankincense essential oil - and how it was by far my favourite skincare product. It was 100% natural, simple, cost-effective, and worked so well for my skin.

I completed a course in natural skincare product formulation, and using my aromatherapy knowledge, started to create custom skincare for friends and family. I based their formulations on the therapeutic skin benefits of different oils, and their individual skin type & skin concerns. I received such positive feedback (and people kept reordering), so I just kept creating! I spent the next few months learning everything I could about skin & skincare, perfecting my craft, and formulating custom blends for every skin type, skin concern & skin goal. That's how EVRĒDĀ was born!


Our Ingredients… 

At EVRĒDĀ we use active, plant-powered skin care ingredients with a clear purpose. That means each ingredient in our formulas are there for a reason, working toward the common goal of helping you achieve you skin goals.

We formulate your skincare using plant-based oils, organic where possible, no parabens, artificial colours or fragrance, alcohol, sulphates, phthalates, silicones or synthetic ingredients.

Our custom skincare contains 100% pure, undiluted, and minimally processed ingredients, such as oils and botanicals, providing you with a potent & effective product.


Read more about the ingredients we use here.



Our Values...

Authenticity - We only ever use 100% pure, undiluted essential oils & cold-pressed oils. We pride ourselves on our top quality ingredients, and aim to be authentic in our ingredients, communications and company culture.

Simplicity - Minimalists at heart, we believe that less is more and simple is better. When we think of creating the best custom skincare products, we like to keep it simple and formulate products with results in mind. Simplicity allows our skin to get the most benefit out of the ingredients used, and achieve long-lasting results.

Education - True power comes from education. We're big on learning and teaching, and want to give you the knowledge you require to make empowered skincare choices.

Healthy Living - We wholeheartedly believe that skin health starts from the inside out. Diet & lifestyle impact your hormones, your physical body (including skin health), mental & emotional health. If you're not looking after yourself internally and externally, your skin health is not going to be the best it can possibly be.